Staff Directory

Kent Rice, Executive Director, 720-865-4202
Ginger White-Brunetti, Deputy Director, 720-865-4314
Ethan Frey, Cultural Bond Project Manager, 720-865-4215
Avon Carey, Staff Assistant, 720-865-4306

Marketing & Communications
Brian Kitts, Director, Marketing & Communications, 720-865-4229
Jordan Bishop, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, 720-865-4309
Brian Brodbeck, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, 720-865-4258
Stephanie Freeman, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, 720-865-4257
Brandon Tosti, Manager, Marketing & Sponsorship Activation, 720-865-4299
Amber Fochi, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, 720-865-4228

Red Rocks & Denver Coliseum
Tad Bowman, Venue Director, 720-865-2488
Joe Davis, Superintendent, 720-865-2472
Nancy May, Production Manager, 720-865-2473
Jeannette Murrietta, Booking Manager, 720-865-2484
Steven Jorgensen, Guest Services Manager, 720-865-2477
Curtis Sobolik, Production Manager, 720-865-2473
Travis Ho, Electronic Systems Tech, 720-865-2468
Alice Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, 720-865-2471

Denver Performing Arts Complex
Mark Najarian, Venue Director, 720-865-4236
Steve Eisenstein, Manager of Event Operations, 720-865-4545
Eugene Wade, Manager of Security Operations, 720-865-4205
Jon Graham, Superintendent, 720-865-4292
Max Long, Patron Services Manager, 720-865-4224
Tim Taylor, Special Occasions Coordinator (McNichols Building and Denver Performing Arts Complex), 720-865-4227
John Elrod, Electronics System Tech, 720-865-4216
Jay Ruybal, Staff Assistant, 720-865-4230
Buffy Shirley-de Roche, Staff Assistant, 720-865-4235
Selena Shank, Staff Assistant, 720-865-4243

Frank Delmonte, Director of Finance, 720-865-4233
Alexandria Esquibel, Controller, 720-865-4234
Anne Bygrave, Associate Accountant, 720-865-4294
Heather Rhode, Associate Accountant, 720-865-4232
Melanie Santistevan, Associate Accountant, 720-865-2480
Joe Truong, Associate Accountant, 720-865-4231

Cultural Affairs & McNichols Building
Tariana Navas-Nieves, Director, Cultural Affairs, 720-865-4312
Michael Chavez, Public Art Program Manager, 720-865-4308
Rudi Cerri, Public Art Administrator, 720-865-4307
Mary Valdez, Public Art Coordinator, 720-865-4313
Brendan Picker, Public Art Coordinator, 720-865-4302
Lisa Gedgaudas, Create Denver Program Administrator, 720-865-4260
Shanna Shelby, Cultural Affairs Coordinator, 720-865-4559
Brooke Dilling, Special Events Coordinator, 720-865-4325
Peter Dearth, Events Coordinator, 720-865-4303
Patricia Abraham-Muhammad, Executive Assistant, 720-865-4223

CORA Requests
Citywide CORA Policy
Please submit all CORA requests in regards to the Denver Arts & Venues to Brian Kitts.

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