Teacher Creative Development Fund

How can you use the arts to be a more effective teacher in any subject? How can creative learning help students do better in school and on tests? New Colorado educational standards and the focus on classroom effectiveness mean more teachers are asking these questions and looking for opportunities to develop their creative skills. Denver Arts & Venues partners with Think360 Arts to offer a limited number of scholarships and workshops in creative professional development for Denver Public School teachers and administrators.

Aesthetic Institute of Colorado: Engaging Learners Through the Arts
This nationally recognized institute for educators and artists will reignite your passion for teaching and ensure that your students are equipped with the 21st century skills they’ll need – skills in innovation, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Presented with the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver, AEIC is a week-long, hands-on program in which you’ll connect with artistic experiences and learn how to leverage creative expression to effectively support new educational standards in any content area. A special version of AEIC is offered for educational leaders. Visit www.think360arts.org for program details and schedule.

Teaching Artist Workshops
Teaching Artist Workshops is a series of evening professional development workshops where teaching artists will demonstrate options for integrating arts and creative experiences into classroom curriculum.

If you are a DPS teacher or administrator interested in participating in creative professional development opportunities, please contact ginger.white@denvergov.org for information on program qualifications and applications.