Creative Space Resources

Denver Arts & Venues, along with other city agencies, is committed to working directly with the community around more sustainable, creative live/work space needs in Denver. This includes alternative and DIY spaces.

Here you’ll find information on building safety, city protocols for public safety, tips and steps for creative spaces, and information for property owners surrounding compliance. We’ve also provided the Denver 8 video coverage of the forum, and links to all resources available at this time.

The form below will help us further understand the complexity of the creative space needs, which will in turn help to answer questions, facilitating connections to available services.

Please continue to stay connected with us as we further explore short-term and long-term support regarding this important matter. Our goal is to look into creative solutions for safe, creative spaces that support creative production, artistic growth, and better protect these critical contributors to our city. We value the creative community and will continue to provide a space for collaborative problem solving. We look forward to working with you to ensure our creative spaces and artists continue to thrive in Denver. 

Denver 8 Video: View here

Digital Handouts:

Additional Resources: 

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments below or you can contact Lisa Gedgaudas directly at 720-865-5560 or

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