City Beautiful 2.0


City Beautiful 2.0: A modern interpretation of the built environment

A Create Denver Initiative, Installation and Coworking Space

April – June, 2013
McNichols Civic Center Building
144 West Colfax Ave
The City Beautiful 2.0 celebrated the civic and community engagement ideals of Robert Speer’s City Beautiful movement by designing the McNichols Civic Center Building 3rd floor as a creative installation space and flexible coworking destination. Experiments in the use of space and exploration of citizen participation generated ideas for future integration of the building within its surrounding built environment.
Create Denver also celebrated the solstice and City Beautiful 2.0 by calling the public to play in the park, enjoy the 3rd floor exhibition and end the night with a 3-D video mapping display by Legwork Studio & Ceavco Audio Visual on the back of the McNichols Civic Center Building.
Architecture, Built Environment, Sense of Place
Displaying large-scale imagery of architecture and elements immediately surrounding McNichols and sharing modern views of the built environment
Jonathan Lamb & Michael Ortiz, Like Minded Productions
Ethan Jackson, artist “Vertical City”
T. John Hughes, artist “Architectural Apparitions”
Co-Working, Flexibility, and Design
Exemplifying the spirit of innovation, creativity and testing the flexibility of the space with specially fabricated modular furniture and design elements
Scott Bennett, Housefish
Matt Scobey, artist
Rick Griffith, MATTER
Installation, Engagement, Dialog
Engaging visitors through color, nature and tactile experiences
Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, artist
Eric Dallimore, artist
Video Mapping, Park Activation
June 21, educating visitors of McNichols architectural potential and its impact on Civic Center Park
The Legwork Studio
Kerndt Designs