One Book, One Denver

For more than a decade, the Mayor of Denver has been reader-in-chief in heading up a citywide book club. Sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, the book selected annually features tours by the selected author and a number of related events. Past selections include classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and new classics including “The Help.”

The 2013 Youth One Book, One Denver Selection:
The Capitol Ghost Mystery by Michelle Barone
Secret passages, ghosts, gold and adventure follow Silvie as she unravels the theft of an Abraham Lincoln portrait from the Colorado State Capitol. Come along as Silvie and her friend travel through forgotten tunnels to find clues and lost treasures.   The streets of Denver come alive as the youth uncover puzzles left throughout history eventually leading to an ending that will shock, surprise and cause everyone to take a look and ask, “Could there be clues out there for me?”  Join us in this adventure that will make you question every field trip you ever take. Ask yourself one final question:   Do I believe that ghosts really exist?
For more information about the Youth One Book, One Denver program, download the YOBOD report.