One Book, One Denver

For more than a decade, the Mayor of Denver has been reader-in-chief in heading up a citywide book club. Sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, the book selected annually features tours by the selected author and a number of related events. Past selections include classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and new classics including “The Help.”

The 2014 Youth One Book, One Denver Selection:
Savvy by Ingrid Law
Mibs is about to turn thirteen. It’s a big birthday in her family because she will get her savvy. Inexplicably, it’s a special power everyone in her family gets and she has to keep it secret. One brother can cause hurricanes, one can mess with electricity and her mom can make everything she does turn out perfectly. Mibs can’t wait to see what she gets, hopefully something cool. But before her birthday arrives her dad is in a terrible accident and is in a coma. When the day comes, Mibs thinks her new savvy is something that can save her dad. She finds herself on a strange road trip to the hospital with her siblings, the preacher’s kids and a bible salesman. En route, Mibs discovers that she might have been wrong about her savvy, and she’s not too happy about what her real savvy might really be.
For more information about the Youth One Book, One Denver program, download the YOBOD report.