Youth One Book, One Denver

 2015 Youth One Book, One Denver Book Choices

Vote for your favorite below. Voting will remain open until Nov. 25.

The Comet’s Curse
by Dom Testa
Earth has been contaminated by a comet and everyone over the age of 18 is dying. The Galahad project will send a spaceship, captained by a 16-year-old girl and a wise-cracking computer. The spaceship houses 251 teens. Will they survive to colonize another planet and save the human race? And are they the only ones aboard their spaceship?

Zero Tolerance
by Claudia Mills
After turning in a paring knife she accidentally brought to school with her lunch, a high-achieving, rule-following seventh-grade girl is suspended, and her case becomes a media sensation. . . Provocative and fun, from a master of the school story.


Ghost Over Boulder Creek
by Elaine Pease
This historical fiction adventure is set in the Wild West during the frigid winter. The main character is 12-year-old Run Through Fire, whose father is a white man accused of stealing horses and whose mother is Cheyenne. Run Through Fire must journey across the Oklahoma plains with Buffalo Bill toward newly settled Boulder in Colorado Territory to find his father. After he arrives in Boulder, ghostly images that have haunted Run Through Fire during his journey, prove to be more than warnings.

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