Five Points Jazz Festival Flash Mob!

Jun 12 2012

If you were near the Main Stage on Welton Street at the Five Points Jazz Festival on May 19, you may have been lucky enough to witness the Flash Mob that stunned music lovers waiting for Jakarta to begin.

Over 200 dancers, ranging in age from 5 to 70, performed a spontaneous 4.5-minute Lindy Hop and Shim Sham dance in the street, set to a jazz mash-up of iconic musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Sammy Davis Jr., who each performed in Five Points during its jazz heyday. The group rehearsed in secrecy for two months, with the goal of entertaining and wowing the crowd.

Mission accomplished! Those nearby soon caught on and parted the way for the dancers to do their thing. Video cameras were as prevalent as the smiles on everyone’s faces! To watch the video, visit

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