Denver Public Art 25th Anniversary

The City and County of Denver is celebrating 25 years of its Public Art program with a special exhibition running through Dec. 22.

The “Beyond Blue” exhibition is on display at the McNichols Civic Center Building and in the lobbies of the Buell Theatre. The exhibits feature 75 artworks by 46 artists represented in the city’s distinguished public art collection.

Denver’s Public Art Program was established in 1988 by an Executive Order under Mayor Federico Peña. The order, enacted by ordinance in 1991 by Mayor Wellington E. Webb, directs that 1 percent of any capital improvement project of more than $1 million undertaken by the city be set aside for the inclusion of art in the design and construction of the project. The city’s collection has grown to more than 350 works by such notable artists as Luis Jimenez, Lawrence Argent, Trine Bumiller and Donald Lipski.

“Public art beautifies our city and supports local, national and international talent,” Denver Public Art Program Manager Michael Chavez said. “The ‘Beyond Blue’ show lets you see other works from the artists who’ve created iconic pieces such as the ‘Blue Bear’ at the Colorado Convention Center and the thought-provoking blue ‘Mustang’ at Denver International Airport. We hope the show will surprise and delight visitors and give them deeper insights into the artists’ process and style.”

McNichols artists
Tyler Aiello, Steven Altman, Darrell Anderson, Lawrence Argent, Barbara Baer, Stephen Batura, Jonathan Borofsky, Trine Bumiller, Michael Clapper, Jim Colbert, Susan Cooper, John Davis, John DeAndrea, Joellyn Duesberry, Gary Emrich, Adam Frank, Michael Gadlin, Cliff Garten, Jim Green, David Griggs, Hollis + Lana, Jill Hadley Hooper, Luis Jiménez, Erick Johnson, Shannon Kelly, Andrew Libertone, Donald Lipski, Nancy Lovendahl, Patrick Marold, Emanuel Martinez, Frank T. Martinez, William Matthews, John McEnroe, Christopher Oar, Dennis Oppenheim, Tony Ortega, Kelton Osborn, Eric Paddock, Daniel Salazar, William Stockman, Sandy Toland, Judith Trager, Bernar Venet, Ann Weber

Buell artists
Steven Altman, Darrell Anderson, Stephen Batura, Jonathan Borofsky, Trine Bumiller, Susan Cooper, Joellyn Duesberry, Michael Gadlin, Cliff Garten, Bill Gian, Shannon Kelly, Andrew Libertone, Patrick Marold, Emanuel Martinez, Frank T. Martinez, William Matthews, Christopher Oar, Tony Ortega, Kelton Osborn, Judith Stewart, Sandy Toland, Judith Trager

More information on exhibits at the McNichols Building.

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