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Artist: John Davis

Date: 2007

Location: Denver Skate Park

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Metal and Concrete

Description: "Aerial" is a two-part sculpture, made of steel and concrete, for Denver Skatepark. The artist’s vision for the piece was to create a manifestation of the athletic movements of the Skatepark users. The two components of the sculpture bracket the stairs in the center of the park and give form to the beginning and end of an aerial stunt. The larger element is anchored by a monumentally scaled wheel, tilted off plumb to evoke a sense of dynamism. The elongated undulating plane atop the wheel, with a smaller wheel at its tip, references the launching into air. The second element consists of a steel wheel atop a concrete arc, symbolizing the inevitable return to earth. The sculpture celebrates the physical motion on wheels that is the subject of the park.