Building Blocks

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Artist: Robert Murase (

Date: 2014

Location: Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building, Macintosh Plaza

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Stone and Marble

Description: Artist Robert Murase was asked to consider the Park entrance to the Wellington Webb building off of Colfax. Nestled under the trees and engaging the pedestrians along the park on 15th street are intimate and monumental stone objects. Murase took on the concept of the “Building Blocks” of the City and created a minimal work that is reminiscent of an archeological dig. Bridging the gap between the Civic Center’s Romanesque and Beaux-Arts architecture and the International Style architecture of the historic Annex One, Murase strives to bring these two building styles together with similar materials and the idea that form is forced from nature in these two forms of architecture.