Camarasaurus and Ceratosaurus

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Artist: Gary Staab (

Date: 2020

Location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Resin and Laminated Fiberglass

Description: Situated in the canyon-like area next to the elevators in the of Nature & Science’s parking garage, “Camarasaurus” and “Ceratosaurus” stage an unexpected prehistoric scene. The artist created a long-necked Camarasaurus (approximately 60 feet long and 34 feet tall) rearing up on its hind legs in a defensive position after being startled by a smaller predatory Ceratosaurus (approximately 17 feet long) on a ledge nearby. Camarasaurus’ head pops over the top of the parking garage structure, visible to people walking in and entering the museum. Each dinosaur sculpture is a full-scale model of what each creature might have looked like in life, drawn from Staab’s extensive knowledge of paleontology and his consultations with working scientists. Also, both fossils were first discovered in in 1883 near Delta—giving them each a special connection to the state. Both dinosaurs lived in the Late Jurassic Period, between 155 and 145 million years ago.