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Artist: Michael Clapper (

Date: 2005

Location: Municipal Services Complex

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Dolomite and Stainless Steel

Description: The concept for Camino originated from a common fact shared by two agencies that are housed within the same facility along Park Avenue in Denver, Colorado. That being that both agencies deal with roads and trails, or pathways through landscape. The artists goal was to illustrate this in an abstract way. Located at the end of the final turn in the entrance road that leads to this facility, the sculpture is seen mostly by the employees of the two agencies. Consisting of three tall wedges of stone, these modernist forms will be bunched together, slightly off set from one another. As one drives into the complex they eventually reach a particular spot in the road where your line of site perfectly lines up with two portals that are cut through the composition of stones. This “pathway” through the stand of stones is meant to convey the idea of a conduit, or road. The negative spaces, in effect, become the metaphoric, manmade thoroughfares that are cut to allow civilization to expand.