Civic Source Point

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Artist: Larry Kirkland (

Date: 2003

Location: Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building, Atrium

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Aluminum and diachronic glass

Description: Inside the main Civic Center building “Civic Source Point” is made of gilded aluminum rings which can be seen through the glass façade when approaching the building. Hung below it is a survey target, a vital tool in the mapping and building of the west, used to mark the exact spot of a land survey. Made of metal and dichroic glass, it casts light onto the inlaid granite floor below, a map of the Civic Center area of the city which includes the state capitol, city hall, Civic Center Park and Justice Center. The dimensions are as follows: Aerial Plumb Bob -- Aluminum and Gold, 18’ x 4’; Survey Target -- Stainless Steel and Dichroic Glass, 25’ Diameter; Floor Map -- Granite, 50’ x 60’.