Come On In!

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Artist: Jim Sale

Date: 1991

Location: Washington Park Recreation Center, entry way

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Photography

Material: Photographs

Description: "Come On In!" consists of an array of backlit photographs in the vestibule of the Washington Park Recreation Center entryway. These photos are held together by lines of light that wind their way to the inside door and shoot into the lobby. The lines of light constantly change color. The photos at the doorway symbolize all of the different kinds of activities that people engage in while at the Recreation Center. The photos are connected by the lines of light that leap into space. The connectivity and motion graphically show the life, exuberance, energy, and community spirit inherent in the Center. The photos and the lines of constantly changing colored light both figuratively and graphically state that there is no barrier to race, color, gender, or age.