East 2 West Source Point

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Artist: Larry Kirkland (http://www.larrykirkland.com/)

Date: 2003

Location: Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building, outdoor plaza

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Carrara Marble, Cast Bronze and Gold Leaf

Description: The sculpture represents a double-headed Janus of Greek mythology. The heads are carved from bardiglio, a richly veined gray marble, from Carrara, Italy. In the center space between the heads is another key symbol of Denver’s existence - a hand tool - here, the plumb-bob which has been in use for over 4000 years, since Egyptian builders used them to determine if a vertical surface was “true.” It symbolizes civic government and the building of the city based upon truth. On the surface of the gilded bob are hand prints of Denver construction workers, acknowledging their work and contribution to the city. The gold surface reflects the early lure of gold and silver which drew the miners and adventurers to the area. East-West, Source Point, is set exactly on the lines of latitude and longitude which define Denver’s location on the globe. The lines are engraved granite with map markings and some botanical specimens found along these paths.