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Artist: Tatsuo Miyajima (http://www.tatsuomiyajima.com/)

Date: 2002

Location: Denver Art Museum, atrium of the Hamilton Building

Collection: DAM

Artwork Type: Digital Installation

Material: Mirrors and LEDs

Description: The work, ‘ENGI’, was conceived specifically for the Denver Art Museum’s four-story atrium. Central to Tatsuo Miyajima's vision was the direct involvement of the people of Denver, making it a truly public piece of art. After a short lecture by Miyajima and brief instructions from volunteer staff, the workshop to create ‘ENGI’ began. At the workshop, 80 members of the community each were given a simple digital LED numeric device, set within a mirror, to adjust for the artist. The LEDs count from 1 to 9 or 9 to 1. Each participant set the rate at which their device counts. The workshop was essential to give life to Miyajima’s ‘ENGI’. After the workshop, the 80 LEDs, as set by the people of Denver, were installed throughout the museum atrium and began counting. The LEDs, with their different colors—blue and white—and speeds, figuratively display a microcosm of the city of Denver and its residents. Visitors stepping into the museum encounter the work in the atrium, and simultaneously see their own figures and the building reflected in the mirrors. Through these layers of public participation, a resonance between the time setters and the visitors emerges and echoes within the building.