Gratis & Aegis

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Artist: Jonathan Stiles (

Date: 2014

Location: District Three Police Station, Aegis - exterior courtyard; Gratis - lobby

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Steel

Description: "Gratis" is designed to remember and celebrate those who paid the ultimate price protecting the innocent. It is a rising arc aiming skyward made of aluminum. There is an aluminum disc for every Denver officer that has fallen in the line of duty. Each disc in engraved with the name of an Officer and spins in the wind. The names on the discs can be viewed only in the still air, for when the wind stirs, the discs begin to spin as if they are alive. "Aegis", located indoors, is a hanging sculpture dedicated to officers who are on duty at that very moment. Designed after the actual shield the officer wears, the piece hangs over all who enter symbolizing the protection offered by the officers. It uses the color tone of blue cloth and the brilliant silver of the badge. It is also formed around wood, a nod to the days of the wooden nightstick and walking the beat.