Lost Borders

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Artist: Sherry Wiggins (http://sherrywiggins.com/)

Date: 1994

Location: 6th Avenue and Lincoln Street, Cherry Creek path

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Earthworks

Material: Stone, Metal

Description: Lost Borders is a wetland park and sculpture garden located along the urban waterway of Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado. This public art project connects the pedestrian creek path, via a bridge and a series of ramps, to an upper urban park. Storm water drains from the streets above to irrigate constructed wetland terraces planted with reeds and sedges along the creekside. These plants help to clean the storm sewer water as it enters the riparian drainage. Sculptural stone and metal walkways lead people through the wetland garden to the edge of the creek and a stone seating area, which mimics the natural forms of the creek bed. The artist worked with engineers, landscape architects, and an ecologist to intertwine natural, human-made, and aesthetic systems to make an urban wetland garden.