Model State

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Artist: John McEnroe

Date: 2004

Location: Colorado Convention Center, lobby on exhibition level

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Fiberglass and Polyester Resin

Description: “Model State: A Local Cosmology” consists of three wall mounted constructions, each measuring 16’x24’x8’. The construct of each piece is similar to that of a snap-apart sprue system found in toy model car kits. Instead of car parts, there are objects that are relevant to the state of Colorado. Some objects in the piece refer to the land. Some refer to industry, the people, our history and prehistory, other art works, and some objects are less identifiable. The system of tubing, elbows and “T’s” that connect the objects together, in composition, are both physical and metaphorical. Through the use of physical connections, the notion of connectedness and interdependence is brought to bare among the disparate facets of Colorado.