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Artist: Luis Jimenez (

Date: 2008

Location: DIA

Collection: DIA

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Cast Fiberglass

Description: The American sculptor, Luis Jimenez, worked for 15 years to create the horse, which he simply named “Mustang”. Yet, he did not live to see it installed this year in Denver. In 2006, a large piece of Mustang slid from a hoist and pinned him against a steel beam, killing him. The sculpture was then finished by his son. The piece was completed in 2008. The bright blue horse is a domineering sight as you arrive or depart the airport, especially at dusk or early morning as its eyes blaze red. The piece is modeled after the legendary Pacing White Mustang of the southwest, leading its mares and foal to sweet grass and clear water.