Tail Spin

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Artist: Erick Johnson (http://www.erickcjohnson.com/)

Date: 1991

Location: Colorado Convention Center, lobby

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Painted Steel & Neon

Description: The piece includes metal fabricated constructions and neon banding of the architecture. The metal structures are positioned in and around the terraced entry way in such a way that it gives the viewer the illusion of active kinetic energy. Each individual piece darts and swirls around the columns like that of whirling dust devils, coaxing the viewer to follow and chase each piece. The character of these constructions can have many origins. They may suggest implements for mechanical measure, relate to organic plant forms, or even some kind of ceremonial scepter. With the understanding that this building will have many uses and have diverse clientele: the intention is to tantalize each convention goer to assert each of his or her own experience and relationship that responds to the sculptural forms. The piece was originally installed in 1991 and reinstalled in 2004.