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Also known as: Irregular Form

Artist: Sol LeWitt (www.tammfinearts.com)

Date: 1993

Location: Federal Courthouse/General Services Administration, south faƧade

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Gray Slate and Black Granite

Description: Fabricated out of squares of natural cleft, gray slate, "Irregular Form" is mounted parallel to the deep black granite wall behind it. The structure's undulating contour contrasts with its rectilinear stone-and-mortar construction and plays off the rigorously geometric forms of the building. The uneven surface of the slate results in abrupt transitions from one stone square to the next, emphasizing the grid organizing "Irregular Form" as well as heightening the play of light across the piece and amplifying the effects of the weather upon it. The piece brings to mind geological formations, meteorological events, and topographic maps.