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Artist: Wilbert Verhelst

Date: 1930

Location: Burns Park

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Sculpture

Material: Fiberglass and Plywood

Description: The sculpture was created as part of the June 1968 Denver Sculpture Symposium, in which nine artists took part. The symposium was sponsored by a non-profit organization ""Art For The Cities, Inc.,"" and the artists were paid moderate fees for their work, with materials donated by local and national sources. The sculptures were donated to the City in August of 1968. The sculptures were originally intended to only be temporary. Of nine of the original sculptures, four remain. The fiberglass was added in 1975 to protect the wood surface of the sculpture from further weathering. Mr. Verhelst says about his work, "My career as a sculptor might best be characterized as a continuous search for non-objective personal imagery that reaches beyond that which is verbal and knowable. To somehow touch on an archetypal silent language that belongs and exists within the depths of our feelings.”