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Artist: Douglas Kornfeld (www.awaka-inc.com)

Date: 2002

Location: Denver Civic Center, bus station

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Mosiac

Material: Ceramic Tiles

Description: "Welcome" - depicting two hands reaching out to shake hands - is made up of more than 3400 handmade tiles. Each tile has an individual figure glazed onto its surface. The mural symbolizes the moment when a passenger is transformed from an anonymous traveler, by a greeting, into a unique person at the beginning or end of a journey. The background of the mural is made up of shiny gold tiles each with the standard symbol for men or woman. These symbolize the anonymity of a traveler. The two outstretched hands are made up of turquoise tiles each with an individual figure. These symbols depict a wide variety of figures some are thin, heavy, tall, short, young, and old. Others have oversized large heads others have tiny heads. This can be interpreted as different ways of thinking or perhaps ego.