Westwood Renaissance

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Artist: Daniel Salazar

Date: 2008

Location: Westwood Community Center

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Digital Photo Mural

Material: Translucent Vinyl

Description: For "Westwood Renaissance" artist Daniel Salazar photographed the interior of the Colorado State Capitol dome and people from the Westwood neighborhood to create a photomural using the latest in digital photography and solar lighting technology. The five foot square photomural is printed on translucent vinyl and mounted on the ceiling in the Westwood Community Center's lobby below a Solatube Skylight. "Westwood Renaissance" is a tribute to the early Italian Renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna, appropriating a portion of his ceiling frescoes from the Camera delgi Sposi in Pedua, Italy. "There is a timelessness to neighborhoods like Westwood that connect us with other times and places," said artist Daniel Salazar. "It is this timelessness of community I wish to honor with this work."