Wood Water Rock

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Artist: Trine Bumiller (trinebumiller@yahoo.com)

Date: 2004

Location: Colorado Convention Center, amphitheatre lobby

Collection: Public Art

Artwork Type: Painting

Material: Oil on Wood Panels

Description: “Wood Water Rock” is made of eighteen separate wood panels painted in oils. Trine Bumiller uses the old technique of oil glazing, applying as many as forty-five layers of oil films per painting. She also utilizes traditional materials for preparing her paintings, including rabbit skin glue, pure spirits of gum turpentine and Damar varnish. The result is a rich, glowing and luminescent effect. The piece combines various abstract images based on themes from Colorado’s landscape. Different panels show mountain ridges, pools of water, snow, trees, grasses and rivers. Colors such as sandstone, ocher, slate blue, cerulean blue and pine green emphasize the rich earth tones prevalent in Colorado.