Public Art App

Public Art App: Augmented Reality

It might sound like science-fiction, but it's called Augmented Reality, and it's the addition of information to the world around you. Using a free program on your iPhone, Android or other smartphone, you can see public art points of interest as layers on top of the world you see.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the addition of interactive virtual data to the real world, in real time. Denver has created the ability for you to see information on public art in the city as it relates to where you're standing, including information on the artwork, artist interviews (in video and audio format) and the ability to get directions from where you're standing to another piece of art nearby.
How to use Denver's Public Art AR tour

First, get the free program "Layar" for your smartphone. iPhone 3GS users can download it through the app store, and Android users can get it through the Android Market. Once you've installed the app, you're ready to go! Open Layar and search for "Denver Public Art" layer. Once you've opened the layer, you'll see a real time view of the city with markers for public art.