Urban Arts Fund Policies

(Please read carefully before applying)

  1. Allocated funds are housed in a special revenue fund through Denver Arts & Venues.  Additional funds can be donated to the UAF to be allocated for specific projects or general use.  These donations may be tax-deductible because donations to Denver as a tax exempt government entity may entitle the donor to an exemption.  IRS Publication No. 526 provides tax guidance or it is recommended to consult your tax advisor.
  2. Eligibility:  Any artist or team of artists working in the U.S. Preference will be given to projects with a well-planned youth development and community engagement component; first time applicants - artists and organizations who have not received funding in previous years; projects that exist in neighborhoods and districts which do not currently have a UAF project. For locations in underserved areas, please contact Mary Valdez, mary.valdez@denvergov.org, 720-865-5564. We encourage emerging artists in a variety of media.
    • Locations identified as “graffiti hot spots” based on data provided by the Denver Police Department, Denver Public Works, and UAF Committee Members are given preference
    • 2015 Graffiti Report
  3. Funds are allocated based on a scope of work, and dispersed through a contract generated between Denver Arts & Venues and the applicant.
    • Scope of Work (SOW); you must include a description of mural concept design, a sketch of mural, budget and timeline for project.
    • Prevailing Wage must be adhered to if projects are over $2,000.00 and if mural is installed in public property - Denver, CDOT, Federal, RTD or Denver Public Schools – prevailing wage payrolls will need to be recorded on www.lcptracker.net. An additional meeting will be required of awardees on public property to explain these policies.
  4. An activities report is required at the mid-point of the project (this will include spending to date and proposed changes to the budget). 
    Use the following Hashtags: #denverurbanartsfund, #denverpublicart, #IMAGINE2020 in social media. 
  5. A Student Graffiti Prevention Pledge form must be dispersed from artist(s) to student participants.
    • Photo, Video Release form must be completed by all parties participating in the project; minors must have consenting adult signature
    • Volunteer Release form must be completed by all Volunteers
  6. A Final Report is required upon completion of the project.  This report shall include graffiti prevention measures, outcomes, workshops, photographs of mural in process and final installation of project(s), and sq. footage of mural “evidence” along the way of programming, essence of program in innovative ways, assessment of program/project and quantification. Please indicate your tracking and capturing mechanism for your program as well as any press or media mentions. 
  7. Applications that incorporate 25% or greater match (cash or in-kind) will be given preference. 
  8. Projects with strong measurable anti-graffiti education and impact will be given preference.
  9. First time applicants will be given preference. 
  10. Projects that can be scaled up with additional resources and those that incorporate strong outcome measures for assessment purposes.
  11. Murals that may be considered signage/advertising must be accordance with both Denver Arts & Venues public art policies and Denver Zoning Administration sign codes, view Mural Policy 2015.
  12. Denver will assume no ownership or copyright of the final artwork. The artist must vouch that their work does not infringe on the copyright of others and must defend Denver against any claims of infringement. http://www.copyright.gov/
  13. The City will not assume responsibility for the upkeep and repairs of any of the final artwork except when artwork is on City property. The property owner where the artwork is located will assume responsibility for upkeep and repair (or removal) of the artwork. The artist may refuse upkeep and repair artwork, after its completion.
  14. Complete the attached Graffiti Vandalism Removal Form, if you desire to upkeep your own artwork and do not want Public Works Graffiti Task Force to paint over mural
  15. Those delivering projects that are approved by the Urban Arts Fund Committee must provide a safe environment for the youth and adults participating in their program.  For this reason, all applicants must undergo a Background Check prior to contracting with the City of Denver and receipt of UAF funds.
  16. All persons delivering programs or projects with UAF funds must be asked to submit (3) professional references. 
  17. Approval from a City Council representative is required on all murals and outdoor artworks placed on City Property. City and County of Denver – City Council District MAP
  18.  Approval from the Business/Property owner is required.


Please contact Mary Valdez at 720-865-5564, mary.valdez@denvergov.org